Shuangchi Industrial Co. Ltd

Shuangchi Industrial Co. Ltd


Shuangchi is a leading enterprise in the football shoe manufacturing industry, one of the 100 key industrial enterprises in Fujian Province, China. It is also a model enterprise of transformation and upgrading enterprise of Fujian's processing trade. The company has its own brand, trading, R&D, manufacturing functions. It is one of the most modern footwear industry groups in China. Shuangchi has nearly 100 national patents and international patents. It has drafted five national and industry standards such as “Soccer Shoes”. It is the first shoe company in Fujian province to obtain SATRA international certification, and it is also the founder of the Chinese first shoe-making industry technology and innovation coalition, "Professional footwear industry technology innovation alliance". The researchers work together with professionals in order to address the challenges of increased customisation in shoe production and mass customisation.


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