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  • Resilience Analysis of Service-oriented Collaboration Process Management Systems - A proposed evaluation model for measuring the resilience of service-oriented collaborative systems. This research is particularly related to the design and implementation of a useful interoperability framework for virtual factory manufacturing.
  • Supporting Collaborative Business Processes: a BPaaS Approach – This publication proposes an architecture meta-model, which is used to design the concrete architecture and to further analyse the performance of the proposed solution, which has shown the significant service improvement. The work can be adopted to design and implement a cloud-based framework for supporting collaborative processes, such as virtual factory manufacturing.
  • A Comparative Assessment of Collaborative Business Process Verification Approaches - Presents an assessment of the most common verification approaches based on their expressibility, flexibility, suitability and complexity.
  • Simplifying Big Data Analytics Systems with A Reference Architecture – This publication aims to simplify big data analytics by providing reference architecture based on existing four use cases. Big data analytics is a key perspective for realizing industry 4.0 as well as virtual factory manufacturing.
  • The Need for Compliance Verification in Collaborative Business Processes - A proactive approach aiming to discuss the need for design time preventative compliance verification as opposed to after effect runtime detective approach.
  • Dealing with data and software interoperability issues in a virtual factory. This publication discusses an interoperability architecture in a virtual factory. To this end, it delves into the issue by analysing the main challenges that must be addressed to support an integrated and scalable virtual factory architecture characterized by access to services, aggregation of data, and orchestration of production processes.



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