1. Academic partners

University CountryParticipant GroupLead Researchers
Bournemouth University
United KingdomThe Service Computing Group Dr Lai Xu
Dr Paul de Vrieze
University of Groningen
NetherlandsFaculty of Science and Engineering, The Distributed System Group]Prof Marco Aiello
Sapienza Università di Roma
ItalyThe Smart Applications, Environments, and Communities GroupProf. Massimo Mecella
Shanghai Polytechnic University
ChinaThe College of EngineeringProf Yeuwei Bai
Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
ItalyThe Department of physics, informatics and mathematicsProf Giacomo Cabri

2. Industrial partners

Industrial CompanyCountryLead
GK software
GermanyNorbert Eder
KM Software
ChinaHua Mu

Both industrial partners are dedicated in bridging the gaps between European and Chinese manufacturing industries by identifying and solving the challenges of building virtual factories.

GK software

The number of GK research centres are committed to addressing the challenges of the virtual factory in Manufacturing 2.0. GK research aims to promote the production of the customer-centric specification to integrate store solutions, which GK software is one of the leading European providers.

Wuhan KM Information Technology

KM is a leading Chinese provider of manufacturing-related software products and solutions. KM provides software related to product design, process planning, product lifecycle management, and manufacturing enterprise integration solutions. KM products are also used globally. KM software products are compatible with products such as SolidWorks 2012 which was produced by an American software company, Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS corp. It aims to demonstrate that the production speed of products involved in distributed collaborative design could be improved. Furthermore, learning and understanding the potential integrating product development technology with digital and physical production would be associated with large improvement in product quality. 

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