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Visit Computer School, Wuhan University, China - Virtual Factory Lecture

Prof. Peng Liang and Dr. Chong Wang invited Dr. Lai Xu to visit Computer School, Wuhan University on 8th May, 2018. A seminar was given on the topic of 'Interoperability of  Virtual Factory: an Overview of Concepts and Research Challenges'.  A 4-hour lecture is delivered about 'Business Process Modelling, BPMN and Virtual Factory' for Master students at Computer School, Wuhan University. 


Conference: Discussing Business Process Modelling, BPMN and Virtual Factory

Lecture: Business Process Modelling, BPMN and Virtual Factorymmexport1525781136337.jpg

Visit KM Software at Wuhan, China

Dr. Lai Xu visited KM Software at Wuhan. She is learning Virtual Factory Manufacturing Software and general knowledge of manufacturing processes. 


Mr. Hua Mu and Dr. Wanling Chen hosted this visit. 

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