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Virtual Factory Seminars at Shanghai Polytechnic University, China

Dr. Lai Xu and her PhD Student John Kasse give two interesting talks related to the EU FIRST Virtual Factory Research Project. Vice-director  of Research Office Prof. Hong Lu and Prof. Bai hosted the seminars. Students and Colleagues from College of Engineering attended the seminars.  


Dr. Lai Xu gave a talk on topic of  Building Distributed Virtual Factory Organisation Model.  from 14:30 to 15:30. During the panel some European projects were presented (among which the EU FIRST project), and then there was an open discussion about the proposed topics.

Mr. John Kasse gave a talk on topic of  Data Protection and Process Oriented Authorisation


Visit Huida Co. Ltd at Shanghai, China

Dr. Lai Xu visited Huida Co. Ltd. Shanghai, China. The company specialises in manufacturing and machining of core auto parts of engineering systems, steering system, clutch systems and transmission systems as part of her virtual factory research for the EU FIRST project. 

Visit KM Software at Wuhan, China

Dr. Paul de Vrieze visited KM Software, which is one of our partners of the EU FIRST Virtual Factory Research Project. The Chinese Version of this vising can be found from here. 

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