CFP: 1st International Workshop on Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Factories 2019

Call For Papers:  1st International Workshop on Key Enabling Technologies for Digital Factories in conjunction with CAiSE 2019 at 4th June 2019, Rome, Italy

Conference Website: Ket4DF2019

This workshop seeks at providing the opportunity for inspiration and cross-fertilization for the research groups working on technological solutions for digital factories and smart manufacturing. We welcome
 innovative papers from academic and industrial researchers covering a wide range of topics of interests in computer science and computer engineering fields.

 Topics of interest
 The topics include but are not limited to:
 * Digital Platform Interoperability for Digital Factories
 * Internet-of-things for Smart Manufacturing
 * Digital Factories and End-to-end supply chains
 * Peer Manufacturing
 * Model-based development in Digital Factories
 * M2M interaction
 * Information Systems for Sustainable Value Networks
 * Information Systems Engineering for Additive Manufacturing
 * Manufacturing Enterprise Architecture Engineering
 * Big Data Technologies and Analytics for Smart Manufacturing
 * Cloud, Fog, Edge Computing and other programming techniques in
 Manufacturing Systems
 * Data Mining, Machine Learning and AI in Smart Manufacturing
 * Data-driven decision making in Industry 4.0
 * Real-time Computing in Smart Manufacturing Environments
 * Proactive and Autonomous Computing in Digital Factories
 * Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems and Digital Twins
 * Context-aware and Adaptive Systems in Smart Manufacturing and Digital
 * Digital Security, Privacy and Liability
 * Business Process Modelling, Analysis and Engineering
 * Business Impact of Information Systems for Industry 4.0
 * Advanced user interfaces for Industry 4.0
 * Virtual and augmented reality for smart manufacturing

 Important Dates
 Paper submission:
 February 23rd, 2019

 Acceptance notification:
 March 16th, 2019

 Camera Ready Copies and copyright forms:
 March 23rd, 2019

 June 4th, 2019

 Workshop Co-chairs:
 Federica Mandreoli
 Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy

 Giacomo Cabri
 Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy

 Gregoris Mentzas
 National Technical University of Athens, Greece

 Karl Hribernik
 Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH (BIBA), Germany

Match Funding Received from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), P.R. China

Our Chinese Partners, SSPU and KMSoft received their match funding from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). See more detailed information



Georgios Digkas visited Bournemouth University, UK

Mr. Georgios Digkas, a PhD candidate of University of Groningen, visited Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK.  He shared his research with BU partners and colleagues. 

If you want to listen to his talk, please visit our EU FIRST project YouTube Channel

Mid Term Review Meeting 20 September 2018 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

FIRST mid term review meeting hosted at University of Groningen, the Netherlands. 

Group photo 


Group photo 


During the mid-term review meeting, the FIRST EU project advisor Irina Elena Tiron giving a talk on RISE projects.


Advertisement at SASO 2018 in Trento, Italy

The FIRST project was advertised at the SASO conference in Trento, on September 7th, 2018. 

Below a picture of prof. Giacomo Cabri with the FIRST flyer: 20180907_154345.jpg

Seminar about Data-Driven Analysis of Technical Debt Based on Open-Sources Software Projects

Mr. Geogios Digkas gave a talk on ''Data-Driven Analysis of Technical Debt Based on Open-Sources Software Projects''

WeChat Image_20180815073850.jpg

After Geogios' presentation, we  further discuss  to identify some open source projects which could be used for WP5 Interoperability Framework, i.e. any potential open source projects supporting virtual enterprises/organisations, collaborative networks, or supporting internet of things, etc. This part of work could also contribute to WP1 which is requirements of WP5. 

WeChat Image_20180815073907.jpg

Visit to Wuhan University of Technology

PhD Student Georgios Digkas visited Wuhan University of Technology on 10 August 2018
Exchange ideals with Prof. Peng Liang. A talk was given on the topic of 'Data-Driven Analysis of Technical Debt Based on Open-Sources Software Projects'.

Visit Department Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China

Prof Jian Cao invited Dr. Paul de Vrieze to visit department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China. A seminar was given on the topic of Process Oriented Authorisation. We are looking forward for joined research and join project applications in the near future. 

Serial Seminars about FIRST Project at SSPU, Shanghai, China


The report attracted different audiences.  

Dr Paul de Vrieze gave a talk to update the FIRST SSPU team. 


Visit Computer School, Wuhan University, China

Prof. Peng Liang and Dr. Chong Wang invited Dr. Lai Xu to visit Computer School, Wuhan University on 8th May, 2018. A seminar was given on the topic of 'Interoperabilityof  Virtual Factory: an Overview of Concepts and Research Challenges'.  A 4-hour lecture is delivered about 'Business Process Modelling, BPMN and Virtual Factory' for Master students at Computer School, Wuhan University. 


Conference: Discussing Business Process Modelling, BPMN and Virtual Factory

Lecture: Business Process Modelling, BPMN and Virtual Factorymmexport1525781136337.jpg

Visit KM Software at Wuhan, China

Dr. Lai Xu visited KM Software at Wuhan. She is learning Manufacturing Software and general knowledge of manufacturing processes. 


Mr. Hua Mu and Dr. Wanling Chen hosted this visit. 

Visit School of Software, Central South University, China

Dr Lai Xu visited School of Software at Central South University, Changsha, China, on  3rd May 2018. A seminar was given on the topic of 'Industry 4.0: a view of EU H2020 FIRST project'. 

Seminars at Shanghai Polytechnic University, China

Dr. Lai Xu and her PhD Student John Kasse give two interesting talks related FIRST project. Vice-director  of Research Office Prof. Hong Lu and Prof. Bai hosted the seminars. Students and Colleagues from College of Engineering attended the seminars.  


Dr. Lai Xu gave a talk on topic of  Building Distributed Virtual Factory Organisation Model.  from 14:30 to 15:30. During the panel some European projects were presented (among which the FIRST project), and then there was an open discussion about the proposed topics.

Mr. John Kasse gave a talk on topic of  Data Protection and Process Oriented Authorisation


Visit Smart Manufacturing Factory Lab. Shanghai Polytechnic University, China

Dr. Lai Xu visit Smart Manufacturing Factory Lab. of Shanghai Polytechnic University, China on 27 April 2017. 

Visit Huida Co. Ltd at Shanghai, China

Dr. Lai Xu visited Huida Co. Ltd. Shanghai, China. The company specialises in manufacturing and machining of core auto parts of engineering systems, steering system, clutch systems and transmission systems. 

Visit KM Software at Wuhan, China

Dr. Paul de Vrieze visited KM Software, which is one of our partners of the FIRST project. The Chinese Version of this vising can be found from here. 

Visit Wuhan University of Technology at Wuhan, China

Dr. Paul de Vrieze visited Wuhan University of Technology on 9 April 2018 


Exchange ideals with Prof Jun Tang and Dr. Xiang Li

European Project Space

The most important activity carried out in 2017 was the dissemination performed during the European Project Space (EPS) in Madeira (PT) on November 2nd 2017. This event was hosted by the IC3K conference, which was held in conjunction with IJCCI 2017 (International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence).
The EPS was an opportunity to present the project by means of a poster and to gather contacts of interested people. Below a picture of Prof. Giacomo Cabri by the FIRST poster.


Moreover, Prof. Giacomo Cabri was invited to attend the panel “Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction - Past and Future Research Directions”, held on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 from 14:30 to 15:30. During the panel some European projects were presented (among which the FIRST project), and then there was an open discussion about the proposed topics.

GK Innovation Center in Press Clipping


GK Innovation Center Online

At the occasion of the inauguration of the new building at GK Software AG on September 18, 2017, the“GK Innovation Center”with the Innovation and Research Group and other new units, the EU-project was launched and announced by a Press Release in German.

The GK Innovation Center and the EU project was presented in a Press Briefing by the CEO at GK Software AG as well as at the GK Innovation Day and reception on September 18, 2017 in Schöneck, Germany.

GK software.png

Shanghai Polytechnic University Visited Bournemouth University, UK

The staff from Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) visited Bournemouth University on 4-6 of September, 2017. The purpose of the visit was to perform the secondments of the FIRST project.

chinese partner in BU 1.png
chinese partner in BU.png

During the secondments, Prof. Yuewei Bai gave an overview of Made in China 2025, summarised results of the incoming secondments in SSPU before August, 2017 and talked about intelligent manufacturing process simulation and related technologies. Dr. Lai Xu also presented  research objectives and the performances of the FIRST project. We exchanged the experiences of  manufacturing processes and looked at the funding opportunities for supporting SSPU further secondments for the FIRST project.

Visit Xidian University at Xian, China

Dr Lai Xu visited State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks of Xidian University, China. The Chinese Version of this vising can be found from here

Kickoff Meeting

The kick-off meeting took place on 16-17 March 2017 at Bournemouth University UK. In attendance were the representatives from the partner institutions who included; Bournemouth University UK,  Sapienza Univerita di Roma (UniRoma) Italy, Universita degli Studi di Modena and Reggion Emilia (UniMore) Italy, University of Groningen (RuG) Netherlands and GK Software AG.

first meeting.jpg
GK_at Kick off.jpg

Participants of the kick-off meeting at Bournemouth University UK
Topics of the kick-off meeting:

  • Deeper knowledge of consortium partner, research agenda​
  • Implementation of working packages and deliverables
  • Presentations of partners
  • Discussing Consortium Agreement

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